Sprat pastries

300 g of flour 200 g of butter 100 ml of water ½ tsp of vinegar   250 g of spiced sprats 3 boiled eggs

Jansson’s temptation

300 g of sprats 8 medium potatoes 2 onions 3 tbsp of butter 200 g of champignons 2 tbsp of capers (small) 300 ml of

Baltic herring with garlic

1 kg of Baltic herring (or vendace) 10 cloves of garlic Fresh dill (chopped) Oil Lemon juice (if desired) Salt and black pepper   Descale

Spiced sprat tartare

10 spiced sprat fillets 1 tbsp of fresh dill (chopped) 1 tbsp of fresh chives (chopped) 1 tbsp of red onion (chopped) 1 boiled egg

Baltic herring in tomato sauce

500 g of cleaned Baltic herring 2 onions (peeled and cut into semi-circles) 300 ml of crushed tomatoes or tomato purée 100 ml of olive

Pan-fried Baltic herring

1 kg of Baltic herring (or smelt) 2-3 eggs 100-150 g of wheat flour 3 tsp of salt 2 tsp of white pepper Butter or

Sprat & potato salad

700 g of boiled potatoes 5 eggs (small) 1 red onion (large) 150 g of cherry tomatoes 150 g of spiced sprat fillets Lettuce  

Layered sprat salad

150 g of spiced sprats 4 boiled potatoes 200 g of boiled beetroot 200 g of sweet apple 4 boiled eggs Chopped dill   Dressing:

Marinated spiced sprats

250 g of spiced sprats 1 red onion (small) A small amount of leek 2 tbsp of capers (small) Chopped dill   Marinade: 2 cloves