Warm salad with breaded sprats

200 g of green courgette

200 g of yellow courgette

100 g of carrot

100 g of yellow carrot

100 g of cherry tomatoes

100 g of onion

50 ml of white wine

20 g of butter

Oil for frying

250 g of sprats (1 pack)

Rye flour for breading


4 large capers



Slice the carrots and courgettes and rinse. Slice the onions. Rinse the sprats, then place them in twos, bellies touching, season with salt and bread them in the rye flour. Heat the oil in a pan and melt the butter in the oil. Lightly fry the onion, carrot and courgette slices. Add the wine. Turn up the heat slightly and season with salt. Add the cherry tomatoes (halved) and herbs. Fry the sprats in a separate pan until golden brown. Serve immediately, garnished with the capers.