Dmitri Matvejev
Nurmevälja 1, 74114 Maardu
Telephone: +372 638 6983
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The Briis trademark was introduced in 1994. On average, the company catches and processes 5000 tonnes of fish per year. The use of cutting-edge technology for both production and preserving helps to ensure a high level of quality and efficiency at every stage, enabling products to be offered to clients in various countries at competitive prices. To achieve this, we have amassed a first-class fishing fleet and constructed fully automated processing facilities.

The Briis trademark is known throughout Estonia. We export our products to other countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom and Ukraine, as well as to the United States and as far afield as New Zealand. We specialise in tinned and frozen fish.

DGM Shipping AS is a certified company that fully complies with the FDA, HACCP, MSC and ISO:22000 standards and meets all European Union food safety requirements. This is reflected in the quality and safety of all of our products.

Marianna Tamm
Kivila 11-172,
13813 Tallinn
Mobile: +372 55 02 921


Betafish OÜ was founded in 2009.  The primary activities of the company are the exporting of Estonian fish products, including custom orders, the provision of surveying services and white label (client design) work.  Its main outlet markets are China, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia and Italy. The fish it processes are sprats, Baltic herring, salmon, trout and bream, as well as caviar.

Toomas Kõuhkna
Peterburi tee 2F,
11415 Tallinn
Telephone: +372 603 0700
Fax: +372 603 0702

Hiiu Kalur AS

Established in 1991, Hiiu Kalur is an Estonian fishing company that is the legal successor to the collective fishing farm of the same name founded in 1949. The company has four factories: three in Estonia and one in Finland. We are proud to employ more than 70 people.

Our six trawlers primarily catch sprats, Baltic herring and occasionally also cod from the Baltic Sea.

Arved Soovik
J.W. Jannseni 36A,
80041 Pärnu
Telephone: +372 445 9600
Fax: +372 445 9610

Japs AS

Japs is an Estonian-owned company whose main activities are catching and processing freshwater fish such as perch, pike-perch and pike.

Seasonally we also catch and freeze Baltic herring and smelt. Since our processing plant is located at the port itself, we guarantee the best possible quality for everything we produce.

Oleg Omeltsenko

Tallinna mnt 8-208,
80032 Pärnu
Telephone/fax: +372 443 1616
Fax: +372 443 1809

Kajax Fishexport AS

Founded in 1994, Kajax Fishexport is an Estonian company based in the village of Liu in Audru municipality in Pärnu County. With production facilities on the shore of Pärnu Bay itself, the company is able to buy fish direct from the fishermen who caught them.

Of all the fish the company processes, 40% is used in the production of spiced sprats and spiced Baltic herring. These are made using special technology and spice blends that are exclusive to the company.

The production facilities include four blast freezers, each of which holds an average of 20 tonnes of raw fish. Sorting, freezing and packing take place using modern, high-quality equipment manufactured in Europe and meeting all EU requirements.

Raivo Baum
Oja 6,
90506 Haapsalu
Telephone: +372 477 5405
Fax: +372 477 5404

Morobell OÜ

Morobell was established in 1997 for large-scale fishing on the Baltic Sea. We have many years of experience in the catching, processing and transporting of fish. We manage the entire chain from catch to sales, ensuring the highest quality of our end products. The company is constantly developing so as to guarantee the best possible products for clients.

Our range includes frozen sprats and Baltic herring in blocks, IQF sprats and Baltic herring, Baltic herring carcass and spices sprats in 5-litre and 10-litre plastic containers.

Raivo Salundi
Aida 5, 80010 Pärnu
Mobile: +372 50 33 812


Mihkel Undrest

Tuule 1A, Kuressaare

Mobile: +372 51 45 578[G1]


Based at the Port of Mõntu on the island of Saaremaa, VRHL’s refrigerated facility has been operating for 25 years. Everything we do is based on three principles: quality; good management; and keeping to agreements. Since our refrigeration plant is located right at the port, the fish our trawlers provide us with are as fresh as they could possibly be. We primarily make spiced fish products, but also frozen sprats and Baltic herring.

Fred Siimpoeg
Sadama 5, 93872 Nasva
Telephone/fax: +372 454 5888

Saare Fishexport OÜ

Founded in 2001, Saare Fishexport has been operating successfully for more than 20 years. The company is supplied by the group’s own fishing units, enabling it to maintain a high level of quality and sustainability at all times and to compete with market prices. We make and sell frozen and dried products from sprats and Baltic herring caught in the Baltic Sea for both wholesale and retail.

The company has been MSC-certified since 2019. In addition to Ukraine, our export markets include Finland, the United States, China, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Romania and Bulgaria. Our long-standing partners value the uniform quality we provide and how responsive and reliable we are as a company.

Gert Romanov

Peterburi tee 2F, 11415 Tallinn

Mobile: +372 50 34 098


Eesti Kalapüügiühistu TÜ

The Estonian Fishing Cooperative was founded in 2005. We have five members, four of which are trawling companies operating in the country (AS Hiiu Kalur, OÜ Kaabeltau, OÜ Monistico and OÜ Traaler), plus Pärnu Rannakalurid TÜ, which is the organisation uniting coastal fishermen in Pärnu.

The cooperative has had a new refrigeration plant in Pärnu County since 2011. These facilities can store 3200 tonnes of frozen fish at any one time and freeze 200 tonnes of fish per day.

The fishing rights our members enjoy and the fleet at their disposal ensure that the plant is constantly stocked with fresh fish. The main target markets for sprats and Baltic herring are Ukraine, the United States and China as well as Poland, Latvia and a number of other EU Member States.